Recommended Tools & Services

Last Updated Nov. 2022.

As this blog develops and I recommend various tools, online systems, or other services, I’ll update this list.

Ethical Disclosure: Some links from this page and website are affiliate referral links, which means I could receive some type of small compensation if you use or purchase services or products at the linked site, but at no extra cost to you. Sometimes, using my referral links will get you MORE than if you went directly to the site. I only recommend services and products if I have used them successfully in business and/or as an individual and find them very beneficial.

After offsetting hosting costs, I donate at least 30% of all revenue received via this website to non-profit organizations that advocate for our privacy and rights. Currently that is the Electronic Frontier Foundation –

ProtonMail Logo

Proton Mail and related services. (By using my referral link, you also get the higher “Mail Plus” level service free for a trial period.) More information in this article. – A highly-customizable & informative Private DNS service, similar to Cloudflare DNS but with outstanding blocking of privacy-invasion trackers. This is the one my family uses now. See the article about why.

Calyx Institute logo

Support the Calyx Institute to help continue the excellent work in making Android Phones usably private! See my article on using CalyxOS on our phones.

DreamHost – My top recommendation for registering domain names. See my full article.

The hCaptcha service is GDPR compliant and does no user tracking. Basic use such as I needed for this WordPress site is completely free. Their WordPress plugin was also extremely simple to configure, giving me anti-bot protection in about 3 minutes’ work! This is a fantastic alternative to Google’s reCaptcha, which is dependent on and entangled with their whole system of citizen surveillance.